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     Welcome to Living Sent Ministries (LSM) Hendersonville-Sumner County. Let me encourage you to attend an upcoming monthly inspirational meeting at Union University Hendersonville. You will find notices about the meetings on this web site page or on the web site home page. In addition, please consider participating in a Christian Executives Group (CEG).  CEGs, leadership-focused Bible application teams, are operating not only in Hendersonville but also in other middle Tennessee communities. CEGS help leaders to unpack what it means to live sent vocationally and foster the creation of Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) for one’s organization.

     Whether it be attending an inspirational meeting, participating in a CEG, creating a MAP, or transforming your organization for the glory of God, LSM stands ready to assist you.  At the bottom of this page, you can see God-inspired videos and meeting pictures from our photo gallery.

     Thanks again for visiting our community page and let me know how I can serve you.


James Hunter

LSM Sumner County Ministry Team Leader & Advisory Board Member

General Sessions Court Judge Sumner County


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"Father, Help Us with Holy Spirit Boldness."

January 20, 2017

Dear Holy Spirit, inhabit us in a way that can be tangibly felt & celebrated.
Dearest Father God, help us all, who are associated with Living Sent Ministries, with holy boldness. Overwhelm us with a call that draws us nearer to You.
Dear Jesus, give those of us who may be struggling, the strength & will to carry on. Let us not forget to pray for our friends so that our personal besetting sin may be healed (Job 42:10).
Open our ears, minds, & hearts to receive what You are speaking. May we rise above distractions & any self-condemnation that might pervade the courtroom of our mind.
Convict us of our sins & lack of devotion, calling us to pursue You in every aspect of our lives. Give unto us more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, compassion, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, & self-control. Restore us O Lord. Change us from the inside out. Adjust our worldview outward so it focuses on the great needs of the people. Help us to always remember that you, Lord Jesus, did not come to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive.
We pray these things in your holy, precious, powerful & wonderful name, Lord Jesus Christ.    
John Michael Grogan DD
615-758-9713 (Office)
615-948-4026 (Mobile)
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Jimmy Johnston on Servant Leadership

Jimmy Johnston

Jerry, Early this morning I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go to a 6:45AM meeting and then I remembered it was Living Sent. I thought I really like Living Sent and it is a great way to start a day and week. Today’s meeting was uplifting, heartwarming, and a true spiritual lift ( as always). Thank you my friend for this ministry. It helps me to be a better but imperfect servant leader. Thank you for your friendship and kindness. Prayerfully yours, Jimmy Johnston Forward ...

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Community Contact(s)

James Hunter

Ministry Team Leader & Advisory Board Member

Union University

205 Indian Lake Blvd, Rooms 129-131,
Hendersonville, TN 37075


E-mail: Hunterj52@comcast.net

Dr. Bill Taylor

Just 4 Kids Teeth, CEG Leader, Board Member


E-mail: bill@justforkidsteeth.com

Matt Rucks

Christian Brothers Automotive, CEG Leader, Vice Chair Board of Directors


E-mail: cba.hendersonville@gmail.com

Mrs. Joi Wasill

CEG Leader, Executive Director, Decisions, Choices & Options


E-mail: joi@dcoinc.org

Ms. Rebeckah Dopp

CEG Co-leader, Headmaster, The Edison School


E-mail: rebeckahdopp@gmail.com

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